Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever (née Hollywood Memorial Park) is one of the oldest and most recognizable cemeteries in Los Angeles. Located next door to Paramount Studios, it has long been a go-to for movies and TV shows that need to film in a cemetery. It has also become a go-to resting place for the rich and famous. Graves of silent era idols and modern rock icons dot the picturesque grounds. And a fair number of wandering peacocks for that matter. The cemetery, founded in 1899, fell into disrepair and legal issues for years while it was under lax (and corrupt) ownership. Today, it is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts thanks to the efforts of the community and new owners. If you are into such things, you can also watch movies in the cemetery at one of the many public events that happen year-round.


Notable Burials

Adams, Don
Blanc, Mel
Cody, Iron Eyes*
Cornell, Chris
Dale, Dick*
Davies, Marion
DeMille, Cecil B.
Eddy, Nelson
Fairbanks, Douglas
Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr.
Finch, Peter
Fleming, Victor
Garland, Judy
Getty, Estelle
Harper, Valerie*
Heche, Anne*
Hood, Darla
Huston, John
Koenig, Andrew
LaFontaine, Don*
Lorre, Peter
McGavin, Darren
Nurmi, Maila
Powell, Eleanor
Power, Tyronne
Ramone, Dee Dee
Ramone, Johnny
Reynolds, Burt*
Riddle, Nelson*
Ritz, Harry, Jimmy and Al*
Rooney, Mickey
Scott, Tony
Siegel, Benjamin “Bugsy”*
Sorvino, Paul*
Switzer, Carl “Alfalfa”
Tenuta, Judy*
Valentino, Rudolph
White, David
Webb, Clifton
Wray, Fay
Yelchin, Anton

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

One Response to “Hollywood Forever Cemetery”

  1. MsJamie Says:

    Hey y’all forgot Edward “manny” Robinson Jr 1933-1974 he is buried in the Psalms of Abbey at Hollywood forever add him to the list. Go to findagrave for more info.

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