Granary Burial Ground


Tucked away in bustling downtown Boston, the Granary Burying Ground is a popular stop along the famous “Freedom Trail.” In addition to founding fathers and revolutionary war heroes, you’ll find fine examples of 17th and 18th century slate headstones and the final resting places of Benjamin Franklin’s parents, the victims of the Boston Massacre and a who’s-who of historical New England dignitaries. Don’t forget to seek out the grave of Mary Goose, whom some locals claim to be the famous “Mother Goose”…though that’s unlikely anything more than a nursery tale all its own.

Notable Burials

Adams, Samuel
Hancock, John
Revere, Paul

One Response to “Granary Burial Ground”

  1. Christine Downing Says:

    You might add Crisps Attucks, first fallen in the Revolution

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