The Green-Wood Cemetery

The first garden cemetery in New York City, this massive necropolis sits atop the highest point in Brooklyn (where the eponymous American Civil War battle took place). It’s modeled after Paris’ Père Lachaise and Boston’s Mt. Auburn cemeteries and is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Its twisting hills and pathways are stunning to wander through. Many notable New Yorkers are buried there and the friendly staff is more than happy to hand you a free guide map that details where most can be visited. And they have an app! For the sake of this blog, I have only included a few, but many more can be found on the guide. If you don’t have a car and the idea of walking makes you ill, you can always take one of the historical trolley tours, too.


Notable Burials

Basquiat, Jean-Michel
Bernstein, Leonard
Ebb, Fred
Morgan, Frank
Morse, Samuel

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