The Central Cemetery in Vienna is the largest cemetery in the country (and maybe Europe – I’m not looking it up). But, while it’s a very historic and important burial place for the city, it has only been around since the mid 19th century.  In fact, when it was established, it was so far out of the city center at the time that it was difficult for the cemetery to draw people to want to be buried there.  So, they did the logical thing and dug up every famous  composer they could find and relocated them to the sprawling, inter-religious cemetery to attract visitors. So, today it’s is a who’s-who of famous Viennese figures, completely by design.


Notable Burials

Beethoven, Ludwig van*
Brahms, Johannes*
Salieri, Antonio*
Schoenberg, Arnold*
Schubert, Franz*
Strauss, Johann I*
Strauss, Johann II*

Falco* (naturally)

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

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