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Lorne Greene

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February 12, 1915 – September 11, 1987

Lorne Greene was born Lyon Himan Green in Ottawa, Ontario.  He began acting in college and found himself on the radio as a newsreader.  His solemn and gruff voice led him to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he read news broadcasts of Canada’s involvement in World War II.  He quickly transitioned his talent to the stage and, eventually, the television screen.  His biggest role was that of patriarch Ben Cartwright on the long-running series Bonanza. Continue reading

Michael Landon

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landon1October 31, 1936 – July 1, 1991

Depending on when you grew up, Michael Landon has a different pop culture identity to you. For many, he was Joe Cartwright on the long-running ’60’s and ’70’s television series, Bonanza. In the ’70’s and early ’80’s, he was Charles “Pa” Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.  Still to later audiences, Landon is remembered for playing angel-to-be, Michael, on Highway to Heaven.

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