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Mary Frann

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frann1February 27, 1943 – September 23, 1998

Best remembered as Bob Newhart’s other TV wife, Mary Frann (born Mary Frances Luecke) was a former pageant girl from St. Louis who studied acting in college and forged a nice career for herself –  mainly in television. From 1974-1979, Frann appeared on the popular soap opera Days of our Lives. From there, she made appearances on many TV shows including Fantasy Island and WKRP in Cincinnati. But, it was in 1982 that she was cast in her most famous role; that of Joanna Loudon, the wife of innkeeper/author Dick Loudon (Bob Newhart) on Newhart. Continue reading

Tom Poston

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poston1October 17, 1921 – April 30, 2007

Unless my research is somehow flawed, Tom Poston appeared in every television show that aired from 1950-2006.

Well, A LOT of them, anyway. Poston’s career began after he served in the Air Force during World War II (he flew planes over Normandy…and everywhere else in Europe) when he studied at the American Academy for Dramatic Arts in New York. His earliest appearances were those of the comedic “man on the street” characters on The Steve Allen Show. He also appeared on a number of panel game shows. But from there, he slowly worked his way into every living room in America. With appearances in everything from Mork & Mindy to Murphy Brown, Poston costarred or guest starred on upwards of 75 different TV shows, movies and mini-series. Continue reading

Suzanne Pleshette

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January 31, 1937 – January 19, 2008

Prior to her star-making role as Emily Hartley opposite Bob Newhart in the classic television sitcom The Bob Newhart Show,  Suzanne Pleshette was an established stage and film actress.  She appeared on Broadway in Compulsion and The Miracle Worker and in such classic films as The Geisha Boy and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  But, it was the Newhart Show that brought her biggest fame and critical acclaim (3 Emmy nominations).  Pleshette went on to a lengthy string of guest starring roles and voice over work.  She was married 3 times, including to the costar of a different Bob Newhart project, Newhart, Tom Poston. Continue reading