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Norman Fell

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Portrait of Actor Norman Fell

March 24, 1924 – December 14, 1998

Norman Fell was a well-loved character actor who made appearances in many films including Catch-22, The Graduate, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and the original Ocean’s 11 (the one with Sinatra and co.) But, he is most known to television audiences as half of the original landlord couple, Stanley and Helen Roper, on the ’70s hit, Three’s Company.  Even after the disastrous spin-off, The Ropers, people still loved Norman.  He continued to work in TV and film and even reprised Mr. Roper on an episode of Ellen a year before his death. Continue reading

Don Knotts

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knottsJuly 21, 1924 – February 24, 2006

Don Knotts will forever be associated with one of the greatest characters in television history.  His portrayal of Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show cemented Knotts’ place in America’s collective living room for decades.  He appeared in many post-Mayberry films and other tv shows (including wannabe-lothario landlord, Ralph Furley on ABC’s Three’s Company), but he was and always will be Barney to his adoring public. Continue reading

John Ritter

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September 17, 1948 – September 11, 2003

Few actors get to enjoy the kind of universal success that John Ritter did. Whether on television (Three’s Company8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter) or film (Problem ChildNoises OffSling Blade) Ritter was always charming.

Alas, charm can only get you so far.  And an undetected congenital heart defect will make sure you don’t get too far at all. Continue reading