Arlington National Cemetery

Robert E. Lee’s former stomping grounds overlooking D.C. and the Potomac have a bit of a more solemn vibe today than they probably did back then.  The U.S. Government gave Lee the big ole “up yours” in 1864 by burying soldiers killed in the Civil War on the property.  Legal battles and money went back and forth and, finally, the cemetery was officially established.

It’s a somber place to visit. But it is beautiful.  It is truly the nation’s cemetery.

The website and mobile app are both extremely helpful in finding any grave you want while visiting.

Notable Burials

Bryan, William Jennings*
Chaffee, Roger
Doubleday, Abner*
Durning, Charles
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
Glenn, John
Grissom, Gus
Holmes, Oliver Wendell*
Kennedy, Edward
Kennedy Onassis, Jacqueline
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, Robert
Lincoln, Robert Todd
Louis, Joe
Marvin, Lee
Miller, Glenn (Cenotaph)*
Murphy, Audie
O’Hara, Maureen
Pershing, John J.*
Resnik, Judith
Scobee, Dick
Smith, Michael*
Taft, William Howard

*- denotes a grave I have not yet located or visited

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